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Welcome to our Volunteer Page!

Below you can start the process by filling in the information.

Join our dedicated team of volunteers at Eagle's Wing Food Pantry and make a meaningful impact in our community! Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to commit regularly, your time and talents can help us provide essential food and support to those in need. Scroll down to fill out our volunteer application and discover how you can best serve alongside us. Together, we can spread hope and nourishment to every corner of our community.



Please choose the type of service you prefer.


Food Pantry
Front Office

Our hours of operation for serving clients are Tuesdays from 9-11:30am and 2-5pm and the first Saturday of each month from 9-11am.

We are closed to clients every 5th Tuesday.

In addition to Tuesdays, warehouse workers are needed Monday-Friday from 9-11:30am.

Please share your availability below: (check all that apply)

Please wear comfortable clothing (t-shirt and jeans) and closed-toed shoes.

The NC law on confidentiality requires that all staff, board, and volunteers are not to discuss client information or any occurrences at Eagle's Wings. If any volunteer has a concern or issue with a member of the staff, a client or a fellow volunteer concerning any type of behavior including verbal or sexual harassment, please report the incident to the Executive Director at 252-975-1138. Your privacy will be respected.

1. I understand that as an Eagle's Wings volunteer I have no special privileges or special status. If I have a need to obtain food from Eagle's Wings I will go through the same procedures as any family. I understand I cannot do my own Intake Form or that of a relative or close friend. If I am a client, I am not allowed to volunteer on the day in which I receive food.

2. I will abide by all established procedures. In the event of a situation not covered by policy only the Board of Directors or designated representative will make the decision.

3. If I see any misconduct or policy violation on the part of anyone connected with Eagle's Wings I will immediately report this fact in private to the Board of Directors or Executive Director. A written report may be required.

4. If an emergency arises I will call and leave a message at Eagle's Wings as soon as possible. If possible I will try to find a replacement for myself.

5. I acknowledge these volunteer requirements by my initials below. I understand I may not begin service as a volunteer until I complete this form and submit successfully.

6. According to the agreement with The Food Bank of The Albemarle, no food may be taken from Eagle's Wings by staff, board members, or volunteers.

7. I understand that surveillance cameras were installed.

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